Movetur (EP)

by Between Symmetries

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All music written and performed by Between Symmetries


released October 23, 2015

Extra vocals on "A Eulogy" provided by Brian Murphy and Levi Hamilton

All music recorded/mixed/mastered by Levi Hamilton at Audioboogie Studios



all rights reserved


Between Symmetries Savannah, Georgia

Adam Jenkins:
Guitar / Vocals

Daniel Sheehan:

Michael Britt:

Jack Nave: Bass

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Track Name: Cavernas
The messages are lost in your hate
your eyes they made a mistake
Filling in blanks where there's only filled space
We live through it and we aspirate
We drown in our disease
We may not succeed but we refuse to lay down
Forgive me for doubting your judgement
But you know as well as I that we can't be strong always
I guess it's the time of doubt, that makes our heart hope
A hope that beats the doubt
But I doubt that this beat has come just yet
Because I'll fail before I succeed
And I won't see the victory
Until I accept the loss
It's all I got
I set sail on the ocean searching for success
Little did I know I would drown
Because it wasn't enough to do my best
Track Name: A Monologue
Woke up to a static transmission
Of broken dreams and lost descriptions
An exodus of people fleeing from their homes
Forgetting all that's felt right, so they can grow
What has happened to us all

What has happened to us all
Are we the lions we used to be
Feels like we’re running into a wall
Are we still the freedom we claim to be

The silent screams pierce through my ears
White noise, the sounds of everyone we hear
We're in a constant state of motion
Faceless and distant with no emotions
Track Name: Poseidon
No good
ending for
all these
Tragic tales

Your mind and
Secrets will unveil

Witness the poor cries of a broken man
I hope you understand me
The battles now over, I'll never see the sun
We are the lost ones

The days pass
Like sand In
An antique
hour glass

From our
Dark past
Track Name: Aeonian
And I can't believe
That you'd forget me
After all the time we've shared
You showed you don't care

Waited so long, For someone like you
Cried so hard, hoping you'd love me too

Take care of me
Cause you're everything I need
This road traveled is painful you see
Hearts are dead yet somehow still beating
Track Name: Nero
We all create
We all destroy what stands
So separate
All these broken men
Burned bridges and graveyards among all them
Hunted down
Find peace wherever we can

We might always change
But the pain, remains the same

We see buildings fall
into the blood soaked ground
We see cities burn
Where are our brothers now
We can’t get back
the time that we lost
But if time does heal
Then why are we so dysfunctional
Track Name: A Eulogy
We were meant for more than this
You take more than you give
If we try to grow and thrive
We must expand not divide

Quit playing games with me
Give me something to believe
I need something to believe

You can try to hold us under
You can try to push us over
But we won't stay down for too long
(We will endure) last chorus

You're quick to judge and overreact
Our lives in our words, we're under attack
From this city that we call our home
Our voice may be silenced but we're never alone